About Me

Caitlin Flood-Molyneux’s work originates from her emotional state and experiences whilst travelling but specifically focuses on aerial views of landscapes and cityscapes.

Flood-Molyneux has travelled to Germany, Norway and New York to create these works.Whilst travelling Flood-Molyneux makes various sketches and studies to capture forms and shapes which she later translates into her paintings.


The Series began at Hamburg, Germany where Flood-Molyneux focused on making paintings that comprised gestural abstraction of the city and the views above: this inspired her to focus on physically exploring different high points around the city.


Flood-Molyneux uses an array of materials in her paintings including oils, charcoal and more contemporary mediums such as spray paint to create different textures and layers in her work.


Dedicated to her work Flood-Molyneux goes to great lengths to create her abstract pieces such as hanging out of an open door helicopter in New York with a sketch pad to capture the forms of the urban landscape.

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