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Caitlin Flood-Molyneux is pleased to announce the opening of Going Away In Order To Return, an exciting exhibition featuring a new body of work that deals with the artist's recent journeys, both geographically and mentally. The exhibition will be on view from 23rd May to 26th June at Haverhub, Haverfordwest

The exhibition is a development of the artists’ painterly practice, moving on from their collage styles to a more direct aesthetic that addresses the themes of love, loss, rediscovery, and an awakening to a new way of thinking. The artist has taken a new step in their process, forcing themselves to utilise new methods of looking and making. Diving deeper into their relationship with symbolism and colour, each work tells a multi-faceted narrative that reflects the mental and physical journey the artist has embarked upon in recent years. The highs andlows of the artist's recent experiences are discussed in each work, often seen within recognizable imagery that allows the viewer to attach their own emotions to the pieces. Going Away In Order To Return is about having the confidence to follow your own path and allowing new ideas, perspectives, and people to fill your life and reward you with a new way of looking at the world.



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